Announcing the HSO 1973 Indianapolis 500


HSO is proud to announce an event that has been two years in the making:  our recreation of the 1973 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race!  This will be the fourth time HSO has staged an Indy 500, and the very first with our new 1973 Championship Cars mod.  As with the real Indy 500, our event will encompass the entire month of May -- featuring open practice, four-lap Time Trials and all the pre-race rituals that make this event so unique.

On the HSO forum under HSO Open Events, you will find all the pertinent information regarding the race. The mod and track downloads, the Entry List, rules and regulations will all be there. Please direct any questions or concerns to the HSO staff.

We are also pleased to announce that both the Time Trials (May 24th) and the 500 mile race (May 31st) will be shown live on Paddock TV. Click here for the Paddock TV broadcast page.

The month of May in 1973 was dominated by one, all-consuming goal: a 200 mile per hour lap.  Already, a new Parnelli-Offenhauser had topped 201 mph during tire tests at Ontario Motor Speedway -- an oval very similar to Indianapolis. So race teams, the public, and the media were all anticipating the first 200 mile per hour lap in Indy history.  After months of our own testing, we are confident that the 1973 Championship Cars mod will effectively recreate this atmosphere.  It will take the right car, the right setup and the right driving approach to achieve the magical 45 seconds;  we look forward to checking the time charts each day to see who has unofficially broken through the barrier!

Then comes the ritual of Time Trials.  Four laps, ten miles.  And only the fastest thirty-three drivers making the cut for Race Day.  The excitement of Indy qualifying is unlike anything else in motorsports, and we will endeavor to authentically recreate that excitement.  With real-time updates on our forum and the coverage on Paddock TV, racers and spectators can join in the suspense.  Who will be the fastest? Who will make the cut?  And who, if anyone, will top 200 miles per hour?

Our Carburetion Day on the Saturday before the race will be an optional practice session;  the idea being for drivers to practice three-wide starts before the big one occurs the following day.  We encourage all drivers, especially the rookies, to take part.

On Race Day in 1973, rain and accidents marred what should have been an epic event.  Our 1973 500 will be run under sunny skies, the way we wish it could have been in real life. When the eleven rows of three answer the call, our own Ben Paulet will lead the field away in the gleaming Cadillac Eldorado pace car.  After two pace laps, Ben will pull in, and the great race will finally be underway!  It promises to be a long day, full of pit stops, adjustments, and yes, incidents on track.  But after 200 laps, one driver will stand alone in Victory Circle.  Who will that be?  We hope you will join us in May and find out!
The 12-inch tall Gary Bettenhausen Memorial Trophy, to be awarded to the race winner!

HSO 1973 Indianapolis 500 Key Dates
Friday, April 17 2015 
Public Announcement
Friday, April 17-26 2015 
Drivers test the cars and post their choices 
Thursday, April 30 2015
Admins announce the field 
Friday, May 1 2015
Track officially opens
Sunday, May 24 2015
Time Trials
Saturday, May 30 2015
Carburetion Day
Sunday, May 31 2015
Race Day